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Feng Shui Chinese Vastu Shastra

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Feng Shui is a Chinese world .Its meaning is Wind and water. The Chinese are opinion that the success or failure in human life is related to the mysterious powers obtained from Earth. They do not give much importance to human actions. Prosperity, health and fortune are related to the natural powers of water and wind obtained from Earth, is their firm belief.

The ancient emperors of china used to take the advice of the experts on Feng Shui before starting any construction social or political. Before the organization of war also the Feng Shui experts were consulted. Even presently, the science of Feng Shui is approved in china .Some people are opinion that the death of Kung-fu champion Bruce lee was due to the fact that he was living in an unfortunate house which was built against the principles of Feng Shui. The science of FengShui prospered in china and is now spreading to America and the other western countries.
In the Feng shui Science Ch’I is an important constituent. Ch’I is the Motivating force which cerates virility in living things and plants. Ch’I decides the highest of mountain. The merit or level of happy atmosphere and the eligibility of work energy is decided by Ch’I without Ch’I trees won’t get fresh leaves, the rivers will not flow. Not only the living things but inanimate likes stones also take in out Ch’I .
As per the Chinese alphabetical list the concept of Ch’I as a power has enriched acupuncture, medicine, Kung Fu to Feng Shui.


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