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Nepalese Vastu Shastra is complete understanding of direction, geography, topography, environment & physic for happy & healthy living. it is also study of Astro-Engineering, Which dictates the form, Size & Orientation of a residential , commercial, or official building, in relation to the plot, soil, surroundings & the personality of the house-owner and /or the dweller.

The theories of vastu shastra were developed in various region and circumstances by long -term experiment & result of various sages, rishis & Maharshis with their own experiments. Therefore is obviously clear to be differing in some aspects of it's technicalities. We can trace out many differences between South based Maya Vastu and North based Viswakarma Vastu.Similarly we can compare various aspects vastu in South & North ,as well as in Eastern & Western Vastu.A study has indicated that more than 25,000 astrologer are practicing in Nepal .Most of the astrologers more or less suggest some of the aspects of Vastu that many be Griharambha Process, Griha-Pravesh Murutha or Vastu Muhurtha. besides the astrologers, a small Number of engineers and some Vastu Advisors are also active in Nepal. Western influences to the young generation as well as unwillingness of the new generation towards own cultures are some of the dominating factor for Nepalese Vastu development.
However the main aspect of Nepalese Vastu is more or less similar to the north Indian system.
There are various steps of vastu in process mainly following nine steps are strictly followed in Nepalese society:-
1. Land site checking ( bhumi Parikshan)
2. Combination examination Of the dweller & the land ( Kakini Analysis)
3. Foundation at the construction point ( Griharambha)
4. Placement adjustment (Sthana-binyas)
5. Entrance Fixation ( Dwara-nyasa)
6. Interior management (Griha-byabasthapan)
7. Dwelling Ceremony ( Griha- Prevesh)
8. Vastu Puja &
9. Corrective Measures ( Griha- Sudar)

These all process are strictly followed in Prasad Vastu & industrial Vastu also. Temple Vastu theories were used to follow from the very beginning  in Nepalese society. Recently new trends has been started and the vastu rules are applied in some of new areas, like Tea Garden, Agro- Farming, Town -Planning, urban forestry & plantation, educational Institutions, Hospitals and health institutions.
In conclusion , it is obvious that Nepal is rich enough in the field of ancient Vedic culture, Vastu - Shastra and other Astro - Scientific technologies.


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